Executive coaching workshops

Two workshops are currently available. The aim in both talks is to give people at least 3 ideas they can implement straightaway and, in addition, to plant some seeds that may bear fruit later.

1: The Energy Workshop

The busy person’s guide to increasing energy without diet or exercise.

The content in outline:
Do less of what drains your energy and more of what boosts your energy.
Make changes in the following:

  • Relationships
  • Tasks
  • Little annoying things
  • Clutter
  • Reserve
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Energy boosters

2: The Manager as Coach Workshop

The content in outline:

  • Definitions
  • Why bother, we’re busy enough
  • Key skills
  • A simple four step model
  • Good coaching questions
  • Summary and questions

What some have said about the talks

“Very well presented and thought-provoking”

“Made me think very much more about how I should organise my life and how I relate to others”

“Comprehensive and very detailed, correct and useful”

“Covered lots of topics quickly. Action-oriented.”

“Concise and concentrated pieces of common sense – stuff that you know in your heart already but which your head has forgotten”

“Things can be done to increase energy and enjoyment from life and work”

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