Do more in less time – can it really be done?

One client, Mark Wilson, believes it can. Aged 40, Mark ran what many would regard as a successful business before he started being coached. That was over a year ago. Over the last 5 months, to his delight and surprise, his sales have more than doubled. In fact, they went up by 143% year on year, from 1997 to 1998.

What makes this surprising is that at the same time he is working dramatically fewer hours. He used to average 66 hours a week, now he averages 42 per week.

In addition, he now:

  • plays golf once a week
  • rarely works evenings
  • has reconnected with friends
  • spends more time with family
  • feels in complete control.

 “Frankly, having reviewed the progress I have made in just over a year I am amazed. Like so many things in life one does not notice the little changes that are made each day or week, but when compared to a benchmark the results can be incredible”.

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