Could you use someone to think out loud with?

There are times when running a business can feel pretty isolated. That’s when we need people we can talk things through with, but some topics are so sensitive that you can’t really discuss them with colleagues. And with so many demands on your time, it is hard to make time to think.

Would you benefit by having someone to think out loud with? Someone who is confidential, experienced in business and will help you to resolve some sensitive or difficult issues? Here is how some others have benefitted our services:

The opportunity to take time out to reflect on current pressures and decisions in a totally confidential and supportive relationship has been invaluable and the resulting insights have considerably increased my effectiveness as a manager and leader.

- Bill Penney, MD, Ashton Penney Partnership Ltd

” The overriding benefit was the ability to discuss, without fear of judgement, my inner feelings regarding myself and the business. This alone has justified the cost”

-          Barry Willmore, MD, LG Electronics

 “I came to Bill Ford because I couldn’t work any harder in my role so I needed to find ways of working smarter to achieve my career goals. He helped me to understand how I needed to modify my approach to management.

The new skills I have learned have helped me to resolve a number of long standing business issues which have helped my business to become more successful than it would have been otherwise.

I am also working considerably fewer hours and have been able to introduce a better balance between work and personal life.”

- Simon Swetenham, Chief Executive, Swetenhams

As a CEO or MD you may have a number of issues and situations that you can’t discuss with colleagues, friends or partners because they:

  • may be affected
  • don’t understand
  • don’t have time
  • or are not interested in the issue

This is when a thinking partner or sounding board can make a big difference, especially when it is:

  • independent
  • confidential
  • non-judgmental
  • and supportive

I have worked as an executive coach for the last 20 years and prior to that as a board member in a marketing role. ‘Executive Coaching’ seems to mean many things these days. My style is to listen deeply to enable clients to do their best thinking. When they get stuck I ask questions that help to move them past the blocks that might otherwise have stalled their thinking. Towards the end I may challenge their thinking so they can test and enhance its robustness. Finally I offer relevant suggestions based on what has worked elsewhere in similar situations.

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