In business and in life we all have setbacks. Resilience can be defined as the ability to bounce back after a setback. This has a big impact on results.

Take the situation where as part of your work you invite a prospect to meet to discuss areas of common interest to see if you can do business together and they reject your approach. A friend of mine asked eight of his colleagues how long it took them to make the next call after a setback like this.

The answers ranged from the quickest at 15 minutes to 2 days. Who would you want on your sales team?

Martin Seligman did a study of insurance salespeople and optimism. There is a big overlap between optimism and resilience. He found that the optimists sold 130% more the pessimists. So if you could hire just optimists (and you can) you would need less than half of the headcount.

In future newsletters I will write about how to build resilience. If you can’t wait,click here.
If you want to test a person’s optimism, at no cost, click here and scroll down to the Optimism Test.

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“When Aeschines spoke, they said, ‘How well he speaks.’ But when Demosthenes spoke, they said, ‘Let us march!’ “- David Ogilvy.

“One person with a commitment is worth a hundred who only have an interest.” – Mary Crowley

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” – Thomas Watson

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I was sent this generous testimonial by one of my clients:

“Since working with Bill Ford, I have turned around my career and been promoted several times. From a staff role with no direct reports, I have been running a major business with over a dozen countries and a staff of over 800 including several country general managers and vice presidents. Bill has played an invaluable role in my growth and indeed my financial success. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bill Ford to any ambitious manager or director that really wants to take their career and finances to the next level.” – Anup Chib, VP, GlaxoSmithKline

For more information on how to change gear in your career click here.

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Most organisations have had a tough time lately with restructures and overworked personnel. As a way of helping boost resilience, I have been asked by some to run a workshop, called ‘Boosting Resilience’. This is based on my book ‘High Energy Habits – the busy person’s guide to more energy without diets or exercise’. Click here for more information on the book.
The workshop is very experiential and people leave with many practical techniques that all take less than 15 minutes to implement. They are aimed at busy people and cover work and personal lives. This is some recent feedback:
“Bill uses simple but effective techniques to highlight and demonstrate how straightforward it can be to raise energy levels”.

“ I really got a lot out of the day – both personally and professionally. Highly recommended”.

For more information on the ‘Boosting Resilience’ workshop please click here.

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There is a chance to hear Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Lord Alan Sugar, among others, talking next month about their strategies for success in London at the National Achievers Congress. For more information click here.

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My daughter is fund-raising for a school in Malawi

My daughter is currently studying psychology at Durham and has decided to spend 4 weeks of her summer holiday helping teach at a school for orphans in Malawi. They have been orphaned by HIV. The work is unpaid, she is paying her travel and living costs herself and has also been raising money to make a donation to the school. So far she has raised £300.

The government provides free education in Malawi, but primary class sizes normally consist of at least 100 pupils, and many orphans slip through the net and drop out with no one to encourage them to go. This school is called MOET and does its best to fill that gap at least for some. It is funded entirely by donations.

The children are provided with one meal a day, which is sometimes the only food they get. £10 pays for 3 days food for the whole school. £50 pays for one month’s electricity for the school. To find out more about the MOET school, click here.

If you have not over-committed your charity budget, please donate to the school. You can do this in one of two ways:
1. Make a donation: click here.
2. Or, buy one of my daughter’s paintings by clicking here


Making education work better
I have often thought, why don’t we get great presenters, such as Stephen Fry and John Cleese, to record engaging videos to be shown at lessons at school and then have the teachers focus on the more interactive bits: answering questions, leading discussions, drawing out implications etc.

Well someone called Sal Khan has done it or something close. Bill Gates called The Khan Academy ‘the future of education’. It is inspiring stuff. Click here to watch a presentation.


It’s been a few months now that the children have been at university. So Mrs Ford and I are all alone. I tidy some space and when I come back it is still tidy. I put something down and when I come back it is still there. Weird.

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