Get Promoted Faster…

…what you can do today!

The good news:

    • It’s simple
    • It’s doable
    • Small changes can make a surprisingly big difference

The bad news:

    • It’s not quick
    • It’s not easy
    • We all have blindspots and we are always the last to know

The harsh reality:

    • It will take time, focus and effort – sorry
    • Other people may be too busy, or too polite, to tell you what they know – we are not
    • With the right approach, this kind of growth can be enjoyable as well as life-changing

Here is how one person benefitted from our approach:

“Since working with Bill Ford, I have turned around my career and been promoted several times. From a staff role with no direct reports, I have been running a major business with over a dozen countries and a staff of over 800 including several country general managers and vice presidents.

Bill has played an invaluable role in my growth and indeed my financial success. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bill Ford to any ambitious manager or director that really wants to take their career and finances to the next level.”

-       Anup Chib, GM & VP, GlaxoSmithKline

In your coaching programme with us, we take you through four main steps:

1. Find out how far you are from being promotable right now

    • Get feedback from the “right” people
    • Ask quality questions, such as: ‘How do I need to develop in order to be seen as ready for promotion?’
    • Use quality follow-up questions to translate any vague answers into unambiguous, actionable information

2. From their feedback, we then pick and start working on the key areas

    • Start with ‘fatal flaws’ (there are 5 that will block your progression)
    • Next, work on those with the maximum return for the minimum effort
    • Check your progress against agreed success criteria

3. Gather evidence of your value

    • Summarise your achievements succinctly, using a three-part structure
    • Express them in the most persuasive way
    • If they look a bit thin, we will help you select the best way to get more

4. Manage how you are perceived

    • Whose perceptions really matter?
    • What perceptions do you want to create?
    • What could get in the way of delivering them?

If you want to bring forward the date of your next promotion and are ready to invest in your future, call 07900 185 548 now to set up a no-obligation, ten minute chat.

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