The 7 Key Strategies to Make More Profit in Less Time

I coach, train and consult using the following 7 strategies. Depending on the life stage of the business and person we spend more time on the areas that most need it.

1.   Create a three-year vision

  • ‘If we were to meet three years from now, what would need to have to happened for you to feel satisfied with your progress, both professionally and personally, over the last three years?’
  • Set goals: financial, professional, family, social, physical, intellectual
  • Identify and reduce energy drains

2.   Plan the time to plan

  • Clarify priorities for the year: accept that you can’t do it all
  • Set aside time to plan monthly, weekly and daily
  • Schedule review time with self and others
  • Balance big picture reviews with detail in order to make course corrections

3.   Manage yourself at work

  • Manage your energy (quick wins, breaks, movement, variety, interaction)
  • Create the right balance between structure and flexibility
  • Identify your peak performance periods and use effectively
  • Be clear and honest about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Delegate your weaknesses by using complementary strengths in your team

4.   Build a loyal team

  • Tap into their passion – careers aspirations and what motivates them
  • Make a habit of raising self-esteem and therefore self-esteem in others
  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses to help them and the team
  • Connect with them – rapport, non-verbal signals

5.   Get the best from your team

  • Make opportunities for regular individual contact
  • Develop listening, acknowledgement and coaching skills
  • Use the appropriate leadership style for the situation
  • Deliver critical feedback more effectively and with less stress
  • Link their motivators to your goals

6.   Create an environment that aids productivity

  • Identify energy drains and raisers in the environment
  • Be aware of the leader’s behaviour on the environment
  • Make the environment reflect the mission and identity
  • Encourage collaboration

7.   Create more balance with your personal life

  • Set up boundaries that you can stick to 80% of the time
  • Make time for the activities that give you energy
  • Set priorities and create the structure that works for you

To find out more, call me, Bill Ford, on 07900 185 548 to set up a free exploratory chat or email me by clicking here.

“I came to Bill Ford because I couldn’t work any harder in my role so I needed to find ways of working smarter to achieve my career goals. He helped me to understand how I needed to modify my approach to management.

The new skills I have learned have helped me to resolve a number of long standing business issues which have helped my business to become more successful than it would have been otherwise.

I am also working considerably fewer hours and have been able to introduce a better balance between work and personal life.”

- Simon Swetenham, Chief Executive, Swetenhams

I have been coaching business owners for the last 20 years. I have written a book on coaching which is available in 5 languages and been featured in The Times, among other publications.

The opportunity to take time out to reflect on current pressures and decisions in a totally confidential and supportive relationship has been invaluable and the resulting insights have considerably increased my effectiveness as a manager and leader.

- Bill Penney, MD, Ashton Penney Partnership Ltd

Call Bill Ford on 07900 185 548 to set up a free exploratory chat. Or email me by clicking here.

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