Leadership Development

Some leaders are born. But for the rest of us, some input can make a big difference to our performance. The set of skills needed for successful leadership by executives is demanding and evolving. Different members of your top team may need a different strategy
on different projects for them to want to follow you and improve their performance. Our consultants work in partnership with you to help plan a programme of coaching and training to make you and members of your team become more effective leaders.

Getting the best out of the team
Do you, or any members of your senior team, want help with any of the following

  • Becoming more effective
  • Transition from managing to leading
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Improving relationship skills
  • Improving communication
  • Enhancing listening and influencing skills
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Retaining key staff
  • Freeing up time by coaching your people and delegating
  • Improving meetings

Many of our clients call us to discuss one or more of these challenges either for themselves or for senior people in their teams. To find out how we can help you call 07900 185 548 now.

Do our Leadership development services Work?

Here is what one business owner said about our leadership development programme:

“I came to Bill Ford because I couldn’t work any harder in my role so I needed to find ways of working smarter to achieve my career goals. He helped me to understand how I needed to modify my approach to management. The new skills I have learned have helped me to resolve a number of long standing business issues which have helped my business to become more successful than it would have been otherwise. I am also working considerably fewer hours and have been able to introduce a better balance between work and personal life”

Simon Swetenham, CEO Swetenhams

How do our leadership development programmes work?

After consulting with our clients we create programmes that deliver lasting change while retaining sufficient flexibility to respond to short term crises. Many of coaching programmes start with a similar structure. We then introduce variations to suit the context and individual. It is a process that has been proven to gets results. The main steps are:

1. We draw up a clear initial”contract

  • What outcomes do you want?
  • How will we know when we have got there?
  • Who else needs to be consulted for input?

2. It can be very helpful to seek feedback from stakeholders, where appropriate.

  • What do key colleagues or clients value in your current behaviour that should be preserved or even strengthened?
  • What are the opportunities for development? What are the consequences of current behaviours? Some colleagues may need help and reassurance of anonymity to articulate what they think and feel in a way that is likely to be accepted.
  • Review existing and additional assessments
  • Finalise the contract

3. We create a plan for development which may include:

  • Identify milestones
  • Enlist support from selected stakeholders
  • Agree assignments (books, training courses, journal, shadowing, video analysis etc)
  • Report back on evidence of progress

4. We review

  • Have we met the success criteria?
  • What changes have stakeholders noticed?
  • How to maintain and build on changes in the future

Frequency and length of meetings is determined by diaries, deadlines and issues. It usually follows a monthly pattern with some front-loading to build momentum. To start your programme, call 07900 185 548.

Executive Coaching in London, the South East and beyond

Located near Richmond, Surrey our clients are based primarily in:

  • Surrey,
  • London
  • the South East

Also we deliver executive coaching by telephone to other parts of the UK and abroad. Perhaps surprisingly, coaching over the phone can be as effective as in face-to-face meetings. Call us now on 07900 185 548.

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