Case Studies

An example of what executive coaching can do in an SME:

Aged 40, Jack Walker ran what many would regard as a successful business before he started being coached. One year later, sales more than doubled.

Bar chart of sales, before and after a years coaching

Sales: before and after a years coaching

 At the same time he is working dramatically fewer hours.

Bar chart of average weekly hours, before and after a years coaching

Average weekly hours: before and after a years coaching

 In addition, he now:

  • plays golf once a week
  • rarely works evenings
  • has reconnected with friends
  • spends more time with his family
  • feels in complete control

“Frankly, having reviewed the progress I have made in just over a year I am amazed. Like so many things in life one does not notice the little changes that are made each day or week, but when compared to a benchmark the results can be incredible”

An example from a corporate environment:

“Since working with Bill Ford, I have turned around my career and been promoted several times. From a staff role with no direct reports, I have been running a major business with over a dozen countries and a staff of over 800 including several country general managers and vice presidents. Bill has played an invaluable role in my growth and indeed my financial success. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bill Ford to any ambitious manager or director that really wants to take their career and finances to the next level”

Anup Chib, GM & VP, GlaxoSmithKline

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