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Raise your energy today: stop tolerating!

We humans tolerate a lot, most of which isn’t necessary, holds us back, causes us grief and wastes our time and energy. Often, we are taught not to complain, to go along with others, to be grateful for what we … Continue reading

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Executive Coaching

How to manage your boss when everything is high priority When I told the following story about one of my bosses to a client recently, they said ‘That boss sounds a lot like me’. This boss did not set priorities … Continue reading

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Do more in less time – can it really be done?

One client, Mark Wilson, believes it can. Aged 40, Mark ran what many would regard as a successful business before he started being coached. That was over a year ago. Over the last 5 months, to his delight and surprise, … Continue reading

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The best coaching question in the world!

“What needs to be different for your life to be perfect?” Take ten minutes, where you will not be interrupted, to write down your answers and notice what you feel and think. We won the award for that question out … Continue reading

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