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Bill Ford as Executive Coach and Mentor

Coaching Directors is headed by Bill Ford, who has been coaching formally since 1995. His first experience as a client of coaching was persuasive: it helped him increase profits in his division by over £5 million.

He worked previously as a Marketing Director with Dixons (now DSG International), at several leading advertising agencies, for the British Market Research Bureau and has also worked in the US. With his strong corporate background Bill appreciates the complexity and challenges of thriving within corporations. His research background helps him interview colleagues to get the most useful insights about coachees.

He is the author of ‘High Energy Habits: the busy person’s guide to more energy without diets or exercise.’ Now available in 5 languages.

He has a degree in Psychology, is a certified practitioner in NLP (the study of excellence), has trained with Nancy Kline and done extensive training as a coach. He has also moved out of his comfort zone (flown on a trapeze, walked on hot coals and done a stand up routine), so can understand the challenge and value of stretching yourself.

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