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If you are like most people we help, we imagine you are pretty busy and want, or need, to make some significant changes and may even be under external pressure to make those changes quickly.

We focus on delivering results and would like to help you find what you are looking for as efficiently as possible.

We produce great results for three types of people:

  • People who run their own businesses
  • People that work within organizations who are looking to make changes themselves
  • Others who are in looking in an official capacity on behalf of a colleague

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You will find more about us on the other pages on this site. In brief:

  • We are experienced – the business was launched  in 1995.
  • We have operational experience – Bill Ford is a former Marketing Director with a broad, international career.
  • Our clients are varied – from SMEs to FTSE companies. See Clients list.
  • We have ideas worth spreading – see our book which is available in 5 languages: ‘High Energy Habits – the busy person’s guide to more energy without diets or exercise’. See Publications

What results do people get from executive coaching?

Many of our clients come to us to:

  • Create a compelling vision of where they would like to be
  • Plan the time to plan
  • Proactively work on strategic priorities
  • Lead more motivated and competent teams
  • Improve interpersonal relations
  • Create more balance between work and life

 “I came to Bill Ford because I couldn’t work any harder in my role so I needed to find ways of working smarter to achieve my career goals. He helped me to understand how I needed to modify my approach to management.

The new skills I have learned have helped me to resolve a number of long standing business issues which have helped my business to become more successful than it would have been otherwise.

I am also working considerably fewer hours and have been able to introduce a better balance between work and personal life.”

- Simon Swetenham, Chief Executive, Swetenhams

If you want or need the sort of results that Simon achieved, call 07900 185 548 now to set up a no-obligation, ten minute chat.

To fit in with our clients’ preferences we also coach by telephone as well as face-to-face. We also are experienced in helping expats become productive more quickly.

Our coaching and leadership services include:

Executive Coaching in London, the South East and beyond

Located in Ealing, London our clients are based primarily in:

  • Surrey,
  • London
  • the South East

Also we deliver executive coaching by telephone to other parts of the UK and abroad. Perhaps surprisingly, coaching over the phone can be as effective as in face-to-face meetings. Call us now on 07900 185 548.


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